Thursday, April 22, 2010


It’s good to be out under the clear sky again. M101 is a spiral galaxy estimated at 27 million light years away in the constellation Ursa Major. The Ha filter was used to highlight the HII regions in the galaxy.

Optics: Takahashi FSQ-106
Mount: Astro-Physics AP900GTO
Camera: SBIG ST2K XM
Filters Astrodon L, R, G, B, & Ha
Dates: May 19, 2009 through April 12, 2010
Location: Deerlick Astronomy Village and Roswell, Georgia

Exposure Details
Ha = 450 Minutes
L = 240 Minutes
RGB = 180 Minutes

I want to dedicate this picture to Chuck Duff my Dad and great friend. His thirst for knowledge and wisdom will always be a great inspiration to me. We shared a great life. He had the opportunity to see the Lord this past Christmas day. While I miss our time eating ice cream under the stars and talking of life’s great mysteries - I can still remember him and with confidence look forward to seeing him again. If I could instill the love that his children had for him into my two boys – I would consider myself a worthy dad. Thank you for the time we had together and let me always remember how precious every moment of every day is to have with my sweetheart and boys.