Friday, April 20, 2012


Radiation from young stars in NGC2237 makes the nebula shine by exciting its atoms to emit radiation. The dark nebula, consisting of cooler gases and dust, is highlighted against this glowing background.  This picture is a small 22’x16’ arc minute view of a portion of the Rosette Nebula located 5,200 light years away from our home in the Constellation Monoceros. 

Optics:  Deep Sky Instruments RC10C
Mount:  Astro-Physics AP900GTO
Camera:   SBIG ST2K XM
Guiding Camera:  SBIG ST-i
Filters Astrodon  S2, Ha & O3
Location:  Roswell, Georgia

Exposure Details
S2 = 345 Minutes (mapped to red)
Ha = 180 Minutes (mapped to green)
O3 = 180 Minutes (mapped to blue)
All sub-exposures were 15 Minutes.

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